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The BNMC member institutions are dedicated to attracting the area’s best and brightest to contribute their skills and knowledge in a growing medical industry to ultimately enhance the quality of life for many. This diverse campus currently employs more than 12,000 people, including more than 500 MDs, 200 PhDs, and 1,400 nurses. We attract more than one million annual patients and visitors.

Working on the BNMC affords employees the opportunity to experience the culture within each community. Through the Neighborhood Explorer Program, employees receive discounts to local businesses within walking and a short driving distance of the Medical Campus. Learn more about the program, participating businesses and discounts offered, and how to participate.

A list of amenities in the area can be found in the free BNMC Getting Around Brochure. To find out more about how to receive a hard copy of the brochure, call 716.854.BNMC (716.854.2662).

If you desire to work on a world-class Medical Campus where advancements in medicine are being made every day, take a look at our employment opportunities to see careers posted by our member institutions and the BNMC, Inc. We are dedicated to creating a campus that opens doors for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.