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Policy Briefs

Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities (HKHC) Buffalo is working to change policies that make healthy living easier for children and families in the City of Buffalo.

The HKHC Buffalo partnership conducted a series of assessments, led by Dr. Samina Raja and the University at Buffalo’s Food Systems Planning and Healthy Communities Lab.  The policy briefs below explore the current conditions, the physical environment, the regulatory environment and youth perceptions about healthy eating and active living in the City of Buffalo. They provide data about Buffalo residents, food retail locations, healthy vs. unhealthy foods, where sidewalks are located, etc.  The briefs lay out many of the current challenges facing Buffalo residents.

The briefs also present opportunities and suggestions for policy and environmental change that can lead to healthier behaviors, and potentially reduce childhood obesity in the City of Buffalo. The following reports provide valuable information about where we are today, what we can do in the future, and potential pathways for achieving success in creating a healthier, more vibrant eating and active living environment.

Read the final HKHC-Buffalo policy brief.

Active Living by Design Policy Brief (1)                                                      Active Living by Design Policy Brief (2)


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Transforming Active Living Policy into Practice: Municipal Best Practices


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To Promote Healthy Eating Among Children


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Innovative Local Government Plans and Policies to Build Healthy Food Systems in the United States


»Buffalo’s Food System Food Policy Brief

An Assessment of Current Municipal, County, and State Policies that Regulate Buffalo’s Food System