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Avoid the hassles of driving in the snow and purchase reduced-cost Transit Passes!

metroPerkDid you know that you could save up to 30% on the cost of a monthly transit pass if you purchase it through your employer?  The METROPERKS program allows you to purchase a pass by deducting the cost of it from your paycheck using pre-tax dollars.  Most employees who participate in the program save $19 compared to those who purchase transit passes on their own.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for METROPERKS through your employer (contact us to see if your employer offers it).
  • Once a month, $75 will be deducted from your paycheck (some companies pay for the pass for you or for a portion of it as an employee benefit).
  • The deduction lowers your taxable income by $75.  If your paycheck was for $1,000, only $925 would now be subject to taxes (if you purchased the pass on your own, taxes would be applied to all $1,000).
  • You save by having less taxes taken out of your paycheck.  For instance, if your tax rate (the percentage of your paycheck going towards taxes) is 25%, you’d be paying $19 less in taxes than if you purchased a pass on your own.
  • Because you are paying less in taxes and keeping more of your paycheck, the actual amount you’re paying for the pass is $56 instead of $75!

Contact GO BNMC today to see if your company offers this benefit.  If they don’t, we’ll be happy to help them set it up!  With cold and snow fast approaching, there’s no better time to leave the driving to someone else with Metro Bus or go underground with Metro Rail.


Welcome to GO BNMC!  We’re here to help you make smart commuting choices.

A new and improved GO BNMC website is currently being built – in the meantime, please see below for information about transportation options and incentive programs that you might have access to as an employee on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus._



Email:  gobnmc@bnmc.org

Phone:  716.566.2316

Twitter: twitter.com/GOBNMC



Want personalized information about what transportation options are available to you based on where you live and when you work?  Contact us via email and we can help you figure out carpooling opportunities, where to park your bike, what transit routes you can take, and much more.



What if I carpool but the driver has to leave work early?  What if I miss the last bus?  What if I biked to work but my my child is sick at school and I need to pick them up?  What happens when there is an emergency and I didn’t drive to work?  Won’t I be stranded?

Well, no.  Thanks to our Guaranteed Ride Home Program, employees who do not drive to work can receive a free taxi ride home in the event of an emergency.  Just sign up for the program, receive our GRH voucher, and relax in knowing that we have your back.

It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing a healthier and greener commuting option.

Contact GO BNMC today to learn more.



Employees who carpool and park in the MIGO Garage can now share parking accounts with their partners and park in convenient “Carpool Reserved” spaces on the first floor.

If you register your carpool group, you will also receive a free duplicate parking tag to make carpooling easier.

Contact GO BNMC today to learn more.


Advancing Transportation Demand Management Strategies at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus

BNMC staff members recently completed their final report for a shared cost research project with the NYS Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the NYS Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) known as Advancing Transportation Demand Management Strategies at the BNMC. The Report documents the efforts of the BNMC Transportation Management Association  over the past 18 months in developing and promoting a series of sustainable alternative transportation programs and options known collectively as GO BNMC. The BNMC would like to once again thank NYSERDA and NYSDOT for their continued support in helping to further the Medical Campus as a model in sustainability. Read the final report.