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Ellicott Park

Ellicott Street is Complete

Ellicott Park, a significant enhancement to the main spine of the BNMC that will turn Ellicott Street into a linear park along the east side of the street, was completed in  BniWVy1IUAItkEjAugust 2014.

This 3,300’ park, designed by nArchitects, extends from Goodell to Best Streets and include forking paths, islands, and plazas. It  also has banded concrete, illuminated benches, a diverse planting scheme, and signature lighting, running through the heart of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

The design team also includes SCAPE Landscape, Tillett Lighting Design, and local architecture and engineering firm Foit Albert & Associates.

Traffic now runs two-way . Ellicott Park creates a unique environment while promoting a safe and walkable public space to be enjoyed by patients, visitors, students, neighbors, and employees.

View renderings of the project by nArchitects.

Construction Update on Ellicott Park

Construction on Phase II of Ellicott Park began in April 

We are thrilled to announce that the City of Buffalo has contracted with CATCO to finish the Ellicott Streetscape Project.  Phase I, the linear park portion on the east side of the street, was completed last fall, and work on Phase II, which includes the sidewalks on both the east & west side of the street, as well as the public right of way from Goodell Street to Best Street, began on April 15thand should be completed by December 1st. The final phase of the project will be converting Ellicott Street two-way from Goodell Street to Best Street.

Immediate areas of impact –

-North Oak between Ellicott & Goodell  Street will be closed (except to local traffic) for the duration of the project (from approximately April 15th – December 1st). This is to accommodate staging for the project as well as the realignment of North Oak with Virginia Street.

-For employees or visitors who park in the lot at 589 Ellicott Street, the pedestrian walkway to cross North Oak Street will be intermittingly disrupted. Please adhere to all walkway signage and construction personnel for pathways available to cross North Oak Street. More than likely there will be times when pedestrians will need to cross Ellicott and head north on the west side of street.

-On-street parking on Ellicott Street will be intermittingly unavailable from April 15th through August. Please pay attention to construction personnel and signage placed along roadway for clarification on the disruption to parking patterns.

As construction progresses, we will provide updates on temporary sidewalk closures and street impact.

Many thanks for your patience as we continue to improve our shared infrastructure and enhance the greenspace on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus for patients, visitors, employees and neighbors. Please stay tuned to our website for updates – www.bnmc.org/explore/construction-projects/.

If you have any questions, please contact  Mark McGovern at 218-7153.

Allen Street Extension

This also includes funding for the Allen Street extension, which will extend Allen Street onto the BNMC through to Ellicott Street, helping to create better connections for the Medical Campus and its vibrant surrounding neighborhoods.