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The BNMC is a 120-acre Medical Campus in the heart of downtown Buffalo. Find out more about the BNMC member institutions and private-sector companies located throughout the campus. There is an abundance of amenities, new buildings under construction, streetscape improvements underway – changes occur seemingly daily on this growing, thriving campus.

In addition, you can discover how to get to the BNMC and learn about the most efficient way to reach your destination, making your trip as smooth as possible.

Our Neighborhood Explorer program encourages employees to patronize the businesses and restaurants in Allentown, the Fruit Belt, and downtown by providing discounts to participating locations.

Through our virtual tour, created by UB’s Center for Computational Research, the campus can be seen as if you are actually on-site. However, there is no substitute for being on the BNMC. We invite you to come and take a look around – we guarantee you will be surprised by what you see! Click here to see a map of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

To learn about the amenities near the campus, check out our free Getting Around Brochure. It has some of the best places in the area to experience. For more information and to receive a hard copy of the brochure, call 716.854.BNMC (716.854.2662).