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A first of its kind, the National Grid/BNMC smarthomebuffalo is a renovation - and deep energy retrofit - of a turn of the century home within the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC), located at 941-945 Washington Street. Symbolic of the thousands of such historic structures across Western New York, the smarthomebuffalo will serve as a living example of how the character and heritage of such homes can be maintained and celebrated - while making home energy improvements practical and tangible. Projected to be open to the public in Fall 2013, the smarthomebuffalo aims to start the conversation about energy by:
  • Showcasing energy innovations and technologies
  • Building the BNMC, the City of Buffalo, and larger region of Western New York's reputation as an energy innovation hub - and "conversation starters" on the issue of energy
  • Serving as a source of information on residential energy efficiency programs and incentives offered by National Grid, as well as state and federal agencies
  • Increasing community awareness of energy issues and energy consumption, from energy generation to flipping the switch
  • Engaging the surrounding communities and neighborhoods in achieving energy savings
  • Promoting learning and research on residential energy use

View the smarthomebuffalo fact sheet here.

View the final Visitor Plan here.

Floor Plans

Renderings by Architectural Resources

020613_Inside_Outside Renderings.indd

020613_Inside_Outside Renderings.indd


020613_Inside_Outside Renderings.indd





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