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energizeBNMC began with an innovative energy partnership between National Grid and the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus to develop integrated solutions that will drive economic growth in the Buffalo Niagara region and position all partners as global energy leaders. This partnership represents the first of its kind energy innovation between a global utility and a community-engaged medical, education, and life sciences campus. Learn more.

  • Sustainability
    The BNMC recently worked with Terrapin Bright Green to increase its sustainability efforts in many areas including transportation; green infrastructure; healthy communities; and energy.  We have one of the largest bioswale in the region to the region located at the sound end of our Campus along Goodell Street, 21 electric vehicle charging stations across the Campus, and a secure bike storage facility. The BNMC institutions are among the region’s leaders in creating sustainable workplaces. As our Campus continues to grow, we know this will become an even more important area for us to succeed in. Learn more.
  • SmartHomeBuffalo
    First of its kind, the National Grid/BNMC smarthomebuffalo is a renovation – and deep energy retrofit – of a turn of the century home within the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC), located at 941-945 Washington Street. Symbolic of the thousands of such historic structures across Western New York, the smarthomebuffalo will serve as a living example of how the character and heritage of such homes can be maintained and celebrated – while making home energy improvements practical and tangible. Learn more.
  • Green Team
    We work closely with the Goodwill Industries “GoodWorks” program to provide workforce training placement opportunities. Called the BNMC Green Team, we provide year-round work for a growing number of qualified people, many of whom go on to be hired by larger companies in their area of interest. Learn more.
  • Global Energy Institute
    The independent, not-for-profit Global Energy Institute located at the BNMC , and the UB Power Center for Utility Explorations located at the University at Buffalo (which has research efforts and  forthcoming facilities at BNMC), both comprehensively explore power and energy issues to develop innovative solutions to the complex challenges found in energy infrastructures such as electric, gas, and related transportation, water, and renewable power systems. Learn more.