Headquartered in downtown Buffalo and established in 1981, Unyts is among the leading procurement organizations in the United States, and is one of the only eight centers nationwide to house laboratory services, and organ, tissue and eye procurement in one location. With the addition of Community Blood Services, Unyts has become the first organization of its kind nationwide. Unyts operates as a non-profit serving the eight counties of Western New York and works to assist donor families, coordinate the donation process and increase knowledge and awareness within the community regarding the Gift of Life.

Unyts routinely has helped to secure higher rates of donation in Western New York than the national average. When approached following the death of a loved-one for organ donation, Western New York families give consent nearly 90% of the time – the national average is roughly 60%. Due to this generosity, Unyts has ranked in the top ten procurement organizations nationwide in terms of rates of consent for seven of the past eight years.

There has been tremendous growth as Unyts since inception. Twenty-five years ago, the organization had a staff of a little over a dozen and a thin operating budget. Today, Unyts employs over 150 Western New Yorkers, has affiliations with twenty-eight regional hospitals and transplant centers and other procurement organizations across the country. As recently as 1997, Unyts had just 200 donors; in 2006 the organization neared 1,000. In the summer of 2007, Unyts added community blood banking services – bringing both a significant savings to area hospitals and assurance to Western New York donors that their blood donations remain local.

The organization’s network and success have hand-in-hand, and as a result, Unyts has been able to spread the message that transplantation is vital – and transplantation saves lives.

Unyts celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2011!

Unyts is under the leadership of:

  • Mark Simon, President & CEO
  • Richard A. Grimm III, Chairman of the Board

Web site: www.unyts.org